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Most frequently asked question to

Rockomondo :

" How the hell do you manage to find all those

fuckin' great records ???.."

( Answer: " I sweat for this, folks..." )

Hosted by your dedicated globe-rocker in chief, Jean-Pierre Moya, ROCKOMONDO is a radio-show broadcasted every thursday night from 9 to 11 p.m. on Radio Primitive ( Reims and the Champagne area, France).

We're mostly indie-oriented ( but not only ), mostly rock and pop ( although eclectism is the rule: what we like, we play ! ), but the main characteristic of ROCKOMONDO is that we play music from all over the world excluding the U.K and the U.S.A. Not that we don't dig American and English sounds ( we do ! There's even a special niche for them, the " English/ American pick of the day ", at the end of the show ) , but it's no great use to do something other people already do, when, at the same time, music scenes from other countries have yet to be explored and brought to light. This is a much more exciting task in our opinion, especially when so many great bands are popping up every minute from all over the world.

As we like things to be diverse and original, we confess having a soft spot for people who sing in their mother tongue and try to do their own thing. But there's no pre-established rule. Everything that makes us thrill is allright: if it's good, it's good for ROCKOMONDO.

Apart from our regular shows, we have launched a series of " Specials", each one dedicated to a particular country. Our famous " Sweden Special" is now broadcasted every year, on the last thursday of january. Soon we'll add on a regular basis a " Denmark Special", a " Spain special", a " Norway special", a " Belgium Special", a " Netherlands Special" and a " Finland special... For a start...

We are also open to artists who would like to come and visit us for interviews and acoustic sessions. We already had a visit from Jonas Bjerre ( Mew, DK ), Laurent Vaissière ( Paloma, F ), Rick Treffers ( Mist, NL), Breezy Temple (F), Michael and Janneke Milo ( King Me, NL) for a session + an interview, Stefan van den Berg ( Mummy's A Tree, NL ) for a session, Lise Westzinthius (DK ) for an interview, and more are yet to come. As often as possible we also try to catch bands live and record the gigs, as we did with Superheroes (DK), Aroah (E), Under Byen (DK), Minor Majority (N) or Kristofer Aaström (S) to name but a few.

While waiting for the time it will be possible to listen to the show on line, check our news, playlists and reviews, use our links to get in touch with the artists and labels we're talking about. And send a CD-R or cassette ( see " Contact") if you really want to know how ROCKOMONDO sounds.