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Album of the Month : December 1998



The Mole Session (S) : " Late show "

( Sonet )


One of Sweden's best kept secret, Gothenburg based THE MOLE SESSION have already released two classic albums, "Those very love songs" (93), and their masterpiece, the wonderful, intimist and deeply personal "Favorite thing" (95).

Three years later, the sunny-sounding "Late show" adds another chapter to the story. If the band's usual topics of love and loneliness are still prevalent, the overall sound is quite different this time: More straightforward than ever before, with sharp cut melodies, catchy choruses and rich arrangements, giving to the songs an immediate appeal instead of the elusive charm that graced " Favorite thing".

More than often - and moreover since Elisabeth Punzi (ex-WHIPPED CREAM) adds her voice to Per Undenell's misty vocals - "Late show" is reminiscent of THE GO-BETWEENS circa "16 Lovers lane", both for the best (the indisputable songwriting qualities) and - sometimes -for the rest (a certain leaning towards over-polished AOR smoothness). Fortunately, the songs are good enough to resist such a treatment, especially when THE MOLE SESSION add some spices to their recipe, be it some feedback on the country-flavored This time, a haunting pump-organ to underline the gentle Sweetest thing, or the offbeat chorus on the uptempo Another place.

A real nice one, showing THE MOLE SESSION at their most approachable side. Discover the band with this, then go further with "Favorite thing".