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Album of the Month : April 2000



Superheroes (DK): "Igloo"

( Crunchy Frog )


SUPERHEROES are a fiery bunch of Danish youngsters, as confident as their name suggests, and bold or innocent enough to shamelessly claim their admiration for DURAN DURAN and THE HUMAN LEAGUE (!!).

It's the opening track that instantly catches you on SUPERHEROES' second album " Igloo". Starting with a gong sound and a killing scream, Karate could only be a simple, ultra-catchy pop song. But the kids ( yes : singer/songwriter Thomas TROELSEN has just turned 18!!) are clever enough to add some staccato guitar between the chorus and the verse. It's almost nothing, but it turns the song immediately more appealing and exciting. That kind of well-found trick can turn a good band into a great one ! SUPERHEROES are definitely of the second kind.

If their album abounds in 2'30" pop gems in the vein of Karate ( let's quote the irresistible single Johnny and I and the uptempo - and favourite of mine - Miami), it also includes some slower, thrilling tracks like the heart-wrenching closer Calculating, reminiscent of the band's first album, or the arresting Paradise of me, one of the album's highlights, which gently starts with some kind of cymbalum sound and ends in a hammering racket.

Actually, only their passion for old analogic synthesisers links SUPERHEROES to their questionable early 80's heroes. Their songs are better, their sound fresher, and with an average age of 2O, everything can still happen. You'll be warned.