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Album of the month


June 2005 Coming soon

Thomas Dybdahl (N)

Stray Dogs ( Glitterhouse)

April 2005 Coming soon

Ea Philippa (DK)

Fjerne himle ( Belliana)

March 2005

Zita Swoon (B)

A Song about a girls ( Chikaree)

February 2005

David Fridlund (S)

Amaterasu ( Adrian)

December 2004 Coming soon

Green Concorde/ We vs Death (DK/NL)

9-song split ( Zabel Muziek)

November 2004 Coming soon

Migala (E)

La increible aventura ( Acuarela)

October 2004

Epo-555 (DK)

Dexter Fox ( Crunchy Frog)

July 2004

Mondialito (J)

Avant la pluie ( Lazur)

June 2004

Moonbabies (S)

The orange billboard ( Chalksounds)

May 2004

Minor Majority (N)

Up for you and I ( Vicious Circle)

April 2004 Jomi Massage (DK) Aloud ( Morningside)
March 2004 Daryll-Ann (NL) Don't stop (Excelsior)
February 2004 Ghinzu (B) Blow (Dragoon)
December 2003 Nikolaj Norlund (DK) Taendstik (Auditorium)
November 2003

Wynona (DK)

Santiago (Glorious)

October 2003

Hector Zazou (F)

Strong Currents (Telescopic)

September 2003

Mudo (E)

Mudo (Zebra)

June 2003

Yuppie Flu (I)

Days before the Day (Homesleep)

May 2003

Mew (DK)

Frengers (Epic/Sony)

April 2003

Miam Monster Miam (B)

Forgotten Ladies (Soundstation)

March 2003

Christian Kjellvander (S)

Songs from a two-room...(Startracks/V2 )

February 2003

Various Artists (E)

Acuarela Songs 2 ( Acuarela )

December 2002

Kaizers Orchestra (N)

Ompa Til Du Doer ( Broiler Farm )

November 2002

Nicolai Dunger (S)

Tranquil Isolation ( Dolores/Virgin )

October 2002

Ismo Alanko Saatio (FIN)

Hallanvaara ( Poko)

September 2002

Sister Sonny (N)

The Bandit Lab ( Rec 90)

June 2002

Junior Senior (DK)

DD Don't Stop the Beat ( Crunchy Frog)

May 2002

Under Byen (DK)

Det er mig der holder... (Pladeselskabet)

April 2002

Ephemera (N)

Balloons and Champagne ( Ephemera)

March 2002

David and Citizens (S)

For All Happy Endings ( Adrian)

Feb 2002

Notwist (D)

Neon Golden (Big Store/City Slang)

Dec 2001

Tenfold Loadstar (D)

S/T ( iXiXeS)

Nov 2001

Thau (DK)

All it takes is Everything ( Crunchy Frog)

Oct 2001

Nacho Vegas (E)

Actos Inexplicables (Limbo Starr)

Sept 2001

Species (FIN)

Heyday Soup ( Johanna Kustannus)

June 2001

Johan (NL)

Pergola ( Excelsior)

May 2001

Fugu (F)

Fugu 1 ( Ici d'Ailleurs)

April 2001

Fireside (S)

Elite ( Startracks)

March 2001

Sr Chinarro (E)

La primera ópera... ( Acuarela)

Feb 2001

Migala (E)

Arde ( Acuarela)

Dec 2000

Ismo Alanko Saatio (FIN)

Sisäinen solarium ( Poko)

Nov 2000

Olesen Olesen (DK)

Der er brev fra onkel Bob i ... ( Midget)

Oct 2000

Sigur Ros (IS)

Ágætis byrjun ( FatCat)

Sept 2000

Thou (B)

Put us in Tune ( PIAS)

June 2000

Astroturf (S)

In My own Yard ( C:Dos)

May 2000

Mew (DK)

Half the world... ( Evil Office)

April 2000

Nicolaj Norlund (DK)

Hvad er det der sker ? ( Columbia/ Sony)

and also

Superheroes (DK)

Igloo ( Crunchy Frog)

March 2000

Under Byen (DK)

Kyst ( Pladeselskabet)

Feb 2000

Weeping Willows (S)

Endless Night ( Grand Recordings)

Dec 1999

Bauer (NL)

On the move ( Excelsior)

Nov 1999

Daryll Ann (NL)

Happy traum ( Excelsior)

Oct 1999

bob hund (S)

Sover Aldrig ( Silence)

Sept 1999

Loosegoats (S)

Plains plateaus... ( Startracks)

July 1999

Migala (E)

Asi duele un verano (Acuarela)

June 1999

Quimi Portet (E)

Canconer Electromagnetic ( Quisso)

May 1999

Paus (S)

Paus ( RCA/ BMG)

April 1999

Soulwax (B)

Much against everyone's advice ( PIAS)

March 1999

Favez (CH)

A sad ride on the line again ( Sticksister)

Feb 1999

bob hund (S)

Jag rear ut min själ! Allt skall ( Silence)

Dec 1998

The Mole Session (S)

Late Show ( Sonet)